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Action Packs -- Instructions

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Below are instructions for setting up new Action Packs. Let us know if you have any questions!


Identifying the cause area, region, or theme for a new action pack


To setup a new action pack, the first step is to identify the cause area, region, or theme it will address:


  1. Review the directory of action packs that already exist
  2. Review the list of proposed action packs


If the action pack you have in mind doesn't already exist:


  1. Request permission to edit the Social Actions wiki
  2. Add the new action pack to the list of proposed action packs


At this point, you are ready to setup the action pack on Twitter and/or Facebook. 


Creating and maintaining a new action pack on Twitter


Once you have decided on a new action pack to setup and maintain on Twitter, you'll want to follow these simple instructions.


Step 1: Setting up the account on Twitter


  1. Go to Twitter.com
  2. Sign-up for a new account
  3. Name the account and choose a handle (no more than 15 characters). Example name and handle combinations are Poverty Actions (@povertyactions) and Human Rights Actions (@act4humanrights)
  4. Enter an email address for the account. If you don't have a personal or organizational email address setup for the account, please email actionpacks@socialactions.com. We will gladly setup an email alias for the new action pack.
  5. Upload an avatar for the new account. We encourage you to find and use Creative Commons images that match the issue area, region, or theme for the new action pack. You can find Creative Commons images using the advanced search option on Flickr. If you cannot find an image or don't have the time, you can also use the Social Actions logo as the avatar.
  6. Enter a 'bio' for the new account.  The bio should read something like, "Take action on <issue area, region, theme> related actions." If your avatar uses a image from another source, please credit the image source in the 'bio.'


Step 2: Feeding the new Twitter account with actions


  1. Go to Twitterfeed.com
  2. Sign-in or register for an account
  3. Once you have logged in, click on "Create new feed"
  4. Select "Authenticate with username and password"
  5. Enter the username and password for the new Twitter account
  6. In a new window or tab, go to search.socialactions.com
  7. Use the advanced search to submit a query that matches your issue area, region, or theme
  8. On the search results page, click on the RSS feed icon in the URL bar of your browser
  9. Copy the URL for the RSS feed
  10. Back on Twitterfeed.com, enter the URL for the RSS feed obtained on search.socialactions.com
  11. Enter a name for the feed
  12. Click on advanced options
  13. For update frequency, select 'Every 30 minutes' and up to '5' new updates at a time
  14. For prefix, enter 'Take action:'
  15. For source, enter 'socialactions'
  16. Select 'Create feed'


You're done!


Creating and maintaining a new action pack on Facebook


Coming soon, we'll provide instructions on creating a Facebook fan page for a new action pack.


Listing a new action pack on Social Actions


Once you have created a new action pack, we'll want to link to it from Social Actions.


  1. Email actionpacks@socialactions.com with the link(s) to the new action pack.
  2. We'll setup a page the new action pack to display here.


Thank you for helping to build out Social Actions' Action Packs program.



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