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What does Social Actions do?

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Civic Engagement

Support initiatives that help people engage with the causes they care about...


Celebrating the work of IT developers who create applications that help people take action

Connecting people and organizations to niche "communities of action" 

Social Actions' 1,600+ member online social network that includes founders and key staff of numerous social change organizations



Network Weaving

Champion collaborations that advance the work of social innovators...


Directing people to online platforms that help people take action

Collection of current and recent proposals, applications, and event planning

Resources for understanding microphilanthropy, peer-to-peer engagement, and social entrepreneurialism 



Open Source Development

Develop open source software that adds a philanthropic layer to the web...


An open dataset of information about ways to take action aggregated from 60+ online philanthropic platforms

A dataset for describing ways people can take action on the issues they care about



About Us


Our vision, mission, method, and objectives

People, press releases, photos, media attention

Chronicling the projects, communities, and conversations that have defined Social Actions

Old content, no longer pertinent but worth holding on to

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How, where, and what Social Actions communicates

Financial history and record-keeping

How Social Actions supports itself 

Processes and organizational design


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