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Open Actions XML -- Data Points (Proposed, Approved, and Implemented)

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  • Creative Commons license on a per action basis
  • Guidestar ID of the organization affiliated
  • Logo of organization
  • Logo of action source
  • Demographic the action involves / affects
  • Democraphic of the proposed action taker
  • Time it will take to complete the action
  • Scale of the action (local, regional, global)
  • Creator type (org, individual, company, foundation)
  • Skills required to complete the action
  • Online / Offline
  • RSS Feed - Containing links to pictures, comments, videos, updates, and tweets pertaining to the action) 
  • Status - The actions/results should include a "status" attribute. For example, if I am involved in a petition, what is the status of the petition a year later? Do I still want this to show-up in my queries if the petition is inactive, closed, removed, or some unknown status? Not sure what these values should be but it would be great to have status codes or a link to site specific status codes if necessary.


Approved for Implementation


  • Location of the action source
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Zipcode/Postal Code
  • Location of the affiliated organization  
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Zipcode/Postal Code
  • Start and end date of an action
  • Language




  • Title - Title of the action.
  • Description - Description of the action. Currently can include HTML - we should discuss normalizing this field.
  • URL – Source URL of the action on the source site.
  • Platform
    • Name - Name of the action source providing information about the action
    • URL - URL pointing the homepage of the action source  
    • Email Address - Email address where the action source can be contacted if necessary
  • Action Type – a hash containing keys (“name” and “id”) designating the action_type and its corresponding id
  • Location of the action
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Zipcode/Postal Code
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Image - Referring to a URL where an image for the action can be downloaded
  • Subtitle - 140 characters to describe the action
  • Goal
    • Completed - Progress in units toward completing the goal
    • Amount - Goal in units for the action
    • Type - Unit describing the goal
    • Number of Contributors - Number of people who have participated in reaching goal to date
  • Initiator
    • Name - Name of the person who initiated the action
    • URL - URL pointing to a profile for the intiator
    • Email Address - Email address where the initiator can be contacted if he/she wishes to be contact       
  • Expiry Date - Date at which the action should no longer be published by third parties
  • Widget Embed Code - Embed code for a widget connected to the action
  • Organization        
    • Name - Name of the organization affiliated with the action
    • URL - URL pointing to the homepage of the organization
    • Email - Email address that can be used to contact the organization if necessary 
    • EIN Number - IRS provided EIN number for the organizatio
  • Tags
  • Created Date - Timestampe for when the action was first created
  • Last Upated – Timestamp for when the action was last updated by the action source




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