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Social Actions API - 2009 Product Roadmap

Page history last edited by Peter Deitz 12 years, 9 months ago

This page includes:


  • Completed feature enhancements to the Social Actions API in 2009


Completed feature enhancements to the Social Actions API in 2009


  • Introducing new action type taxonomy
    • Group Fundraiser -> Donate
    • Employment -> Apply for a job
    • Event -> Attend an event
    • Affinity group -> Join a group
    • Micro-credit loan -> Lend money
    • Petition -> Sign a petition
    • Vote for an idea -> Vote
    • Volunteer (no changes)
    • Individual action -> Do it yourself (New)
    • Unknown (no changes)
    • Campaign -> Support a campaign
    • Pledged action -> Make a pledge
  • Open Action fields available to Social Actions API
    • Query by all data fields available
    • Sort by all data fields available
  • Rotation of logs
  • Add feeds for new platforms 
  • Add result count as a data field in the API 
  • Open Action fields available to Social Actions API
    • Return all data fields (and lat / long) available (via JSON)
    • Add Open Actions markup to RSS 2.0 output from search.socialactions.com
  • Build an administrative interface for adding to, editing, and removing sites and action sources;
  • XML and JSON feeds of currently supported action types and sites
  • Researched secure and high-performance support for client side applications served from anywhere
    • Looped SA-Dev into the conversation for the JSONP support 
    • Included research into API Key generator or OAUTH as part of this task
  • Added plugin support for action sources that have their own APIs
    • WiserEarth API
  • Hid 'view page' for each action
  • Built an elementary administrative interface for blacklisting actions;
    • Comprised of 'report this action' (non-admin) and 'blacklist this action' (admin) and 'whitelist this action'
  • Added API key and support for JSONP
  • Added 'select all' | 'select none' in advanced search


Review and contribute to the Social Actions API - 2010 Product Roadmap >> 

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