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About Us

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Vision, Mission, Methods



A world formed by acts of generosity, empathy, and creativity.


To make it easier for people to find and share opportunities to make a difference.


Openness, inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation at every opportunity.




Civic Engagement

Support initiatives that help people engage with the causes they care about.


Network Weaving

Champion collaborations that advance the work of social innovators


Open Source Development

Develop open source software that adds a philanthropic layer to the web.




          Announcing GuideStar's 2011 acquisition of Social Actions

          Introducing Social Actions' new team


Active Team Members

Deyan Vitanov

Erinn Andrews


Former Team Members

Peter Deitz, Founder

Christine Egger

Mariel Garcia, Communications Intern

Joe Solomon

Ronin Tech Collective

Eric Cooper

Britt Bravo

Kecia Brady


Informal Advisors

Click here for a complete listing of the individuals and organizations who support and influence Social Actions




As of July 2010


    • 35+ action packs activated
    • 60+ online platforms partnered with Social Actions
    • 100+ memberships in the Social Actions developer community
    • 20,000+ connections made per month between people and actions
    • 100,000+ opportunities to make a difference gathered and disseminated




"Many people want to help, but are immediately stumped trying to figure out how. Social Actions removes that barrier, making it easy for anyone to jump in and take action at the local or global level, by making your voice heard, or directly, by lending a hand somewhere." - Dieterich Ayala, Mozilla


"The Social Actions team are some of the most switched-on, authentic and spirited social entrepreneurs I've met, driven by their passion to make it easier for people to take meaningful actions online." - Tom Dawkins, Ashoka


"The team at Social Actions have bootstrapped themselves into some of the leading experts on online social good activity. They get that online philanthropy is not just about processing financial transactions in new ways, but instead is about mobilizing citizens to do good and take action. Social Actions is way ahead of the curve compared to much of mainstream philanthropy. I hope that big foundations and NGOs take the opportunity to learn something from these trailblazers." - Sean Stannard-Stockton, Tactical Philanthropy


"I'm supporting Social Actions because the mix of things they are trying to do is fascinating, promising, and true to a core set of principles while also envelope-pushing." - Lucy Bernholz, Philanthropy 2173 and Blueprint Research & Design, Inc.


"A gift to Social Actions is really an investment, an investment that produces an invaluable dividend: the expanded potential for us all to co-create the future we desire as empowered builders of the social web." - Jon Warnow, 350.org


"I have never seen a group as collaborative and innovative the Social Actions crew. The future of online philanthropy is being shaped by this group and I want to be a part of making their vision a reality." - Jason Dick, A Small Change blog


"Through Social Actions, we can work together to expand the global marketplace for social change." - Leslie Forman, Wokai


"Social Actions is an amazing initiative. I've been following it since the start and I've been amazed by it's growth. I really love Social Actions and its professional leadership." - Heather Ratcliff 


Learn more about us


Learn more about how you can benefit from Social Actions by checking out the pages we have created for you: this one is for engaged citizens who want to make a difference; this one is for people who want to share information about their projects; and this one is for web innovators and technologists.

Check out our history pages.

See our press coverage and awards.

Find our contact information here.


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