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First of all, thanks for taking the time to check what's going on with the communications of Social Actions. I think that, if we get this review right, we may help more people use Social Actions to find or promote projects, or get involved in the IT aspect of it - people who would otherwise give up at trying to understand what Social Actions is about on visit number one, at least.




The goal of this communications review is to make navigation through and understanding of the website easier for first-time visitors of Social Actions. The way I thought this would best happen is a 'guided tour.'


What I mean by 'guided tour' is that, when these visitors reach, they will be guided through the website depending on how they initially identify their interests.


The tour starts with this Welcome page, or you can jump in anywhere through the Navigation links below. My comments to explain some aspects of this tour will be highlighted in lilac. Please feel free to make comments on any of the wiki pages, or contact me via email.


Some of the areas of feedback that we are interested in are: comments on presentation, organization and information that you think is missing; suggestions of additional FAQs that should be answered; ideas for case studies. Feedback of any other types you may have will also be welcome and appreciated!


Mariel Garcia

Social Actions


Social Actions' Communications Review - Navigation


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