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Action Packs -- Introduction

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Action Packs

Live streams of calls to action, organized by theme


What can you do here?


  1. Find out what Action Packs are all about
  2. Browse the directory of active Action Packs
  3. Create an Action Pack  
  4. Add an Action Pack to your blog or website
  5. See the detailed log of active and proposed Action Packs
  6. Read notes and links relevant to the Action Packs program


Shortened URL for navigation page: http://bit.ly/ActionPacksNavigation




What are Action Packs?


Social Actions' Action Packs are live streams of calls to action that have been organized by theme - Water, Education, Africa, and many more. They're a subset of all of the actions contained in the Social Actions API, and they're available for you to subscribe to or embed in any website.




How do they work?


For each Action Pack, we search through the entire content of the Social Actions API for that particular theme. The content is always current, displaying the most recent relevant actions from Social Actions sources.


The search results are fed into a Twitter account and displayed in a widget that's available to view or download. Anybody who is interested in finding out about ways to take action to support a cause (like attending an event, signing a petition, donating to a project, etc.) can subscribe to one (or several) of these feeds to receive notifications of the opportunities that keep arising to do so.


For example, someone who wants to do something to support human rights can subscribe to the Human Rights Action Pack to receive information about the new opportunities that are posted by Social Actions' action sources in regards to this branch of activism.  Location is also a criteria for these packs. Somebody who wants to take action to help India, for example, can follow the indiaactions feed. 


Where did the idea for Action Packs come from?


Joe Solomon came up with the idea for Action Packs in February 2009 (thanks, Joe!). He created the first batch of Action Packs then, and we've been adding to them ever since.


What if I have an idea for an Action Pack that hasn't been created yet?


Click here for instructions on how to build one!



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