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Social Actions API - About

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(if you're looking for the contents of the Social Actions API folder, click here)


The main Social Actions project is the Social Actions API (application programming interface), a collection of action opportunities that people can take to support a cause.


The action opportunities in the Social Actions API are provided by the 60+ partners of Social Actions. Thanks to this API, all the opportunities provided by these action sources are easily searchable through the web and through the open source apps.


The Social Actions API has generated more than 5 million click-throughs (people finding and clicking through to learn more about an opportunity to take action) since its launch in 2008.



More information about the Social Actions API


  • This page for activists/philanthropists explains how projects can benefit from submitting action opportunities to the Social Actions API, and how to do so. (link to their tour page)


  • Here is an introduction of the Social Actions API for IT developers.


  • You can find the Social Actions API product roadmaps (for 2009, 2010) and biweekly updates on the project (for 2009, 2010). You can find more information about the development process here.



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